I'm a journalist and audio producer based out of 

Los Angeles, California.

I report stories from the immigrant community in California,

and am passionate about representing the experiences of

my family, friends, and neighbors in all their complexity.

I am a Senior Producer at a LWC Studios, a podcasting company that takes this mission seriously. I work on several podcasts that target rising audiences in digital media, and launched the NPR-syndicated news show Our Body Politic.

As a reporter, I talk to people who work on immigrant rights issues and who advocate for labor rights. My work is featured in The Guardian, on Marketplace, KCRW, and Making Contact radio. I've also produced podcasts at Slate and KCRW.

I like to think about the potentials of multi-lingual

media: I speak Spanish, French, and English.

I was a USC Center for Health Journalism

fellow in 2020. While I was at Marketplace,

our team won a 2018 Gerald Loeb award 

for business journalism. The California Chicano

News Media Association chose me to be

finalist for the Ruben Salazar Excellence

in Journalism award in 2017 for a piece about day laborers organizing against wage theft, and I continue to feature in-depth conversations with workers in construction, the garment industry, retail, farming, caregiving and house-cleaning in my reporting on the intersectional struggles of immigrants in California.

My first experience in journalism was at Eur@dionantes, an EU-funded, local radio station in Nantes, France, where I produced, hosted, reported, and got that insatiable appetite for radio - in French!

You can write to me at or via Twitter.