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I'm a reporter, editor, and audio producer based in Los Angeles, California.

I write about the experience of immigrating to the U.S. and am passionate about representing the experiences of my family, friends, and neighbors in all their richness and complexity. I report these stories for several outlets, including The Guardian.

I'm also a seasoned audio producer and editor. I assigned, managed, and edited over a dozen reporters and fact-checkers for the first season of 100 Latina Birthdays, an audio documentary series about Latina health in the U.S. This was while overseeing daily operations at LWC Studios, an independent podcasting company. I also reported and produced content for hit interview shows as well as original narrative investigative shows about school lunch, reparations, and criminal justice. With my political science background, I was able to write and edit scripts for clients like Penn State University and Aspen Institute.

Since 2022 I've been reporting more regularly about people's experiences at the San Diego-Tijuana border. I'm developing trusted sources and thinking critically about how to be accurate and additive in my coverage. A few other things I'm proud of: in 2017, I put the spotlight on Disneyland workers struggling with low wages and homelessness, and my enterprise reporting in 2020 uncovered a Covid-19 outbreak among garment workers in downtown Los Angeles.

I also worked as a producer at Slate, Marketplace, and KCRW.

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I speak regularly at conferences in my role as a leading Latina audio producer.

I speak Spanish and French fluently. My first experience in journalism was at Eur@dionantes, an EU-funded, local radio station in Nantes, France, where I produced, hosted, reported, and got that insatiable appetite for radio - in French!

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