I'm a journalist living in Los Angeles, California.

I report on immigrant rights issues and often talk to individuals

who struggle with low wages and homelessness. I've been

thinking a lot lately about bilingual media, and how best to

tell the immigrant and Latinx experiences of my family, friends, and neighbors. I also like thinking about urban planning and public spaces. 


I produce and report news for KCRW and sometimes KQED, and have had features aired on KCRW shows Design+Architecture and Unfictional. I was the associate producer for season 2 of KCRW's music documentary show Lost Notes. 

I crafted and produced a bilingual podcast for Slate and Univision called El Gabfest en Español. I produced content for Marketplace for some time. I'm also a fact-checker for the Global Press Journal in Spanish, English, and French. I got published once or twice in The Guardian and LA Taco.

The California Chicano News Media Association chose me to be a finalist for the Ruben Salazar Excellence in Journalism award in 2017 for a piece about day laborers organizing against wage theft. I was also part of the Marketplace team that looked into how A.I. will change our economy, and we won a 2018 Gerald Loeb award in business journalism for it!

My first experience in journalism was at Eur@dionantes, an EU-funded, local radio station in Nantes, France, where I produced, hosted, reported, and got that insatiable appetite for radio - in French, no less. 

You can write to me at pvelasco12@gmail.com or via Twitter. Thanks!

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