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I'm a journalist and audio producer based in Los Angeles, California.

I tell stories from the immigrant community in California, and am passionate about representing the experiences of my family, friends, and neighbors in all their richness and complexity.


I am the Managing Producer at a LWC Studios, a podcasting company that takes this mission seriously. I work on our award-winning podcasts and films that target rising audiences in digital media.

As a reporter, I talk to people who work on immigrant rights issues and who advocate for labor rights. This work is featured in The Guardian, on Marketplace, KCRW, and Making Contact radio.






I like to think about the potentials of multi-lingual media: I speak Spanish, French, and English.

My experiences as a conference speaker have been thrilling and rewarding, and I'm always looking to contribute to conversations happening in our industry. I am available to consult for podcasts and podcast makers as well!

A few accolades: I was a USC Center for Health Journalism fellow in 2020. At Marketplace my team won a 2018 Gerald Loeb award for business journalism. The California Chicano News Media Association chose me to be a finalist for the Ruben Salazar Excellence in Journalism award in 2017 for a piece about day laborers organizing against wage theft. And I continue to work on in-depth conversations with workers in construction, the garment industry, retail, farming, caregiving and house-cleaning in my reporting on the intersectional struggles of immigrants in California.

My first experience in journalism was at Eur@dionantes, an EU-funded, local radio station in Nantes, France, where I produced, hosted, reported, and got that insatiable appetite for radio - in French!

You can write to me at or via Twitter.

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